Kyrgyz export
Beans from Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan grows beans in three oblasts: Talas, Batken and Chui. Because of the high cost of fertilizers, Kyrgyz farmers grow their beans more or less organically, without the use of chemical inputs.

This "ecological purity" of Kyrgyz beans attracts consumers and wholesale buyers alike, but there is very little demand inside the country. In fact, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, almost 80 percent of Kyrgyz beans are exported, mainly to Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Georgia, Iran and Afghanistan.
Kyrgyz Beans
Starting from the late 1990s, bean production was growing increasingly in the Talas region with a targeted orientation towards exports to Turkey. At the end of 2000, 80% of the country's leguminous crops were produced in the Talas region, and in subsequent years this share has increased to 92-95% and has since not decreased below this indicator.
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